Friday, September 30, 2011

Web Intelligence Rich Client in Business Objects XI 3.x

The Web Intelligence Rich Client is just a standalone version of the Web Intelligence Java Report Panel that lets you work with Web Intelligence documents without connecting to the Central Management Server (CMS). This doesn't mean that you only use Web Intelligence Rich Client in offline mode, you can also connect to CMS and work with Web Intelligence documents. In addition to the features offered by Web Intelligence Java Report Panel, you can also create reports based on personal data providers such as text or excel files using Web Intelligence Rich Client.
How to install Web Intelligence Rich Client
You need to set the default Web Intelligence report view to Web Intelligence Rich Client. Here is how you do it:
In InfoView, go to Preferences, click Web Intelligence, in the select a default creation/editing tool section, select Desktop (Web Intelligence Rich Client required) as shown in the figure below and click ok.

Now when you try to create a new document in InfoView, the Web Intelligence rich client will be downloaded and launched to create the document. As shown in the figure, you can also click the Install Now button to install it immediately.

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