Friday, September 30, 2011

Creating Deployment Utility for Integration Services Packages

Before deploying Integration Services packages, you will need to create a Deployment Utility by configuring the project properties in Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS). The deployment utility creates a folder that contains all the files that you need to deploy the packages in a project. This utility is very helpful when you don't want to deploy the packages manually. Please note that you have to create this utility if you want to use built-in deployment tools, however, if you intend to deploy the package manually or use SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS) to import the package, then you don't need to create this utility.
To configure the project to create deployment utility, right-click the project name and select properties as shown in the figure below.

The project properties dialog box appears as shown in the figure below.

Lets go through the configuration properties:
AllowConfigurationChanges - This property specifies whether the configurations can be changed at installation time, default value is true.
CreateDeploymentUtility - This property specifies whether or not a deployment utility is created when the project is built. If set to true, the deployment utility will be created. Default value is false which means it will not be created.
I have no idea why the default value is false, if somebody knows why, please leave a comment.
DeploymentOutputPath - This property specifies the location where the Deployment Utility will be created. Note that this path is relative to the Integration Services project.
After setting the project properties, select Build from the main menu and click Build package to create the deployment utility as shown in the figure below.

To verify whether the deployment utility has been created, navigate to the \bin\Deployment folder and look for the .SSISDeploymentManifest file.

Once the deployment utility has been created, you will need to copy the contents of the folder (\bin\Deployment) to the server where you want to deploy your packages and double-click the .SSISDeploymentManifest file to launch the Package Installation Wizard. The Package Installation Wizard will walk you through the deployment process.

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