Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Power BI Desktop issue - More location data is required to create a filled map.

I just ran into this issue while trying to create a 'filled map' visual in Power BI Desktop. The exact error message is:

More location data is required to create a filled map. To create a filled map, the location data should include Bing Map-supported geographic data, such as country/region, state/province, or postal code.

I tried using country, state etc. as suggested in the error message but got the same error. I also tried switching the visual to a regular map - though it didn't throw any errors, it didn't work (won't show any data points etc.) As shown in the screenshot below, I have a column called business_address_01_city in my data model and Power BI desktop doesn't seem to think that this column stores geographic data (even after adding state, country, etc.). 
More location data is required to create a filled map.

So I did some troubleshooting and figured out that there are two ways to address this issue:

1. Have the column names as City, State, ZipCode, etc. This will force Power BI Desktop to think that the columns store geographic data. I acknowledge that this could be an issue if you have more than one City or State fields in the model and/or if you have certain naming conventions you'd like to stick with.

2. Assign the correct Data Category for the column in the Modeling tab as shown in the screenshot below. For example, if there is a column called business_address_01_country in the data model, select the column and change the Data Category to Country and Power BI Desktop will understand that this column has geographic data.

I hope this is helpful. If anyone has another solution they used to resolve this issue, please let me know by posting a note in the comments.


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