Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SQL Server white papers

Query Tuning Strategies for Microsoft SQL Server -
Why and How You Should Find and Fix Index Fragmentation -
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Optimizing SQL Server Performance -
Tuning SQL Statements on Microsoft SQL Server -
Analyzing & Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance using SET and DBCC -
Analyzing Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance using Indexing Strategies -
Analyzing Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance using Query Optimizer Strategies -
Analyzing &  Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance using SHOWPLAN Output and Analysis -
Making Sense of your SQL Server Application’s Performance – A Practical Guide -
The Top 10 Mistakes on SQL Server -
SQL Server 2005 Security Best Practices  -
SQL Server Contention Diagnosing and Resolving Blocking Problems -
Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans  -
Automating DBA Processes for Microsoft SQL Server -
How to Become an Exceptional DBA  -
The Definitive Guide to Scaling Out SQL Server 2005  -
SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 Migration Guide  -
SQL Server eBook: A Practical Guide To Backup, Recovery, and Troubleshooting -
Mastering SQL Server Profiler  -
Cool Features for SQL Server 2008 -

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