Thursday, September 29, 2011

Promoting Business Views in Business Objects

Promoting Business Views from one environment to other is little tricky especially when you are not much familiar with how Import Wizard works. Business Views fall under the "repository objects" category, so you don't get a separate option to select only Business Views when using Import Wizard to promote them. Here is the screenshot of the dialog box where you will see the option to select Repository Objects during the import process using Import Wizard.

Lets go through the options:
Import all repository objects: This option is suitable in case of a new deployment where you intend to transfer everything from one server to other server. But if the destination server is already setup, this option can overwrite all the repository objects on the destination server. For example lets say you are importing a business view that already exists on the destination server, choosing this option will overwrite ALL the repository objects on the destination server when you check the overwrite object contents checkbox as shown in the figure below.

Import only repository objects that the selected reports use directly: IMO, this is the best option to choose when promoting Business Views. However, you need to be careful with this option as well. For example, lets say you are promoting two Crystal Reports and each of these reports uses a different business view. But you only want to promote the business view used by one report. In this scenario, if you choose this option and select the overwrite object contents checkbox, then both the business views on the destination server will be overwritten. To avoid this, you will need to delete the business view(the one you intend to promote) from the destination server, then select this option and uncheck the overwrite object contents checkbox.
Import repository objects that the selected reports use directly, as well as any other repository objects they depend onThis option is pretty much similar to the above option, the only difference is that this option will also promote other repository objects such as prompts etc that the selected reports depend on and so the impact will not only be on business views but also on other repository objects in the destination server.

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