Friday, September 30, 2011

How to recover a deleted object in Business Objects

Can I recover a deleted report/universe/folder in Business Objects?
Yes you can if:
  • You have a backup of the CMS database and File Store.
  • You have the content(containing this object) in a BIAR file.
  • You have a Development/Test environment where you have this report.
What if I don't have either of the aforementioned items?
Then you can't recover that deleted object. Think about it, how can you "recover" something you haven't been "backing up"?

Let's discuss each of the above options:
Recovering from BIAR:
If you have that deleted object in a BIAR file, use Import Wizard to import it from the BIAR file into your production server. Its that simple.

Recovering from Development/Test server:
If you have the deleted object in a separate Development/Test server, use Import Wizard to import it into your current environment.

Recovering from CMS database and File Store:
This is by far the most inconvenient way of recovering your deleted stuff. If you have a Test server, you can restore the CMS database and the File Store on that server, then use Import Wizard to import your object from the test server to your current production server.

What if I don't have a Test server?
Well then you need to build one and then restore the CMS database and File Store. You should never restore on top of your existing stuff because if something goes wrong, you might loose everything.

What if I can't afford to create a Test server?
You are left with only one option - Restoring on top of the existing stuff. But do remember, this might cost you an arm and a leg if not done properly or if something goes wrong. Moreover, you will loose all the development done since the time you made a backup of your CMS database and File Store.

For more details please read Disaster Recovery in Business Objects
Note: Of-course if you have a local copy of the object, you can recover it by just exporting it to the repository. However, this applies to desktop intelligence reports and universes as web intelligence reports can't be stored locally.

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