Thursday, September 29, 2011

Business Objects Security Viewer, where to install?

Many Business Objects administrators/developers might have stymied by their managers when trying to install Security Viewer on production. Managers are sometimes overcautious and panic when it comes to doing anything on a production system.
An ex-college of mine ran into a similar situation. They were upgrading from Business Objects XI R2 to Business Objects XI 3.1, so they wanted to document their XI R2 security. As you might have guessed, the best tool to document security in XI R2 is Security Viewer. But they were not allowed to install anything on their production system. He asked me if there is any other way around it. I said yes, install Security Viewer on a development or test server and when you launch it, specify your production CMS information ;). In fact, I would never install it on a production server if I have a development or test server. So the tip here is that you can install Security Viewer on one server and connect to other servers as long as they are on the same domain.

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